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Brandwood Global is the industry leading 360-degree SaaS solution for global brand and product placement deals with direct purchase by audiences to track ROI across all entertainment platforms without interruptions.

Brandwood Global provides multiple solutions to create an effective ecosystem for brands and products, content creators and studios, and personalities and celebrities to develop projects and events.
We bring revenue to marketing dollars for brands by giving them the true return on investment based on direct sales from audience viewing of the content.  This is a win for content creators and distributors because we allow them to profit share from sales.

  • Brandwood Marketplace connects filmmakers, producers, gamers, sports, entertainment, and live events to brands and products for brand placements and sponsorships.
  • Brands and Agents can create media plans across multiple entertainment platforms for hyper-directed campaigns.
  • Content Creators never need to figure out which brand to approach as all matches are organic to their needs using our “Placement Valuation Algorithm" to ensure precise matches.
  • All legal and financial aspects are handled by us to save time and money.
  • Our exclusive “Brand Gap Financing" allows brand equity to go towards production budgets.  Learn More

  • Brandingo allows your product to be purchased directly from any entertainment platform (Streaming TV, Film, Live Events, Sports, Social Media).
  • Increase your social engagement through Brandingo by connecting your social media to audience gamification tools to increase sales and buzz.
  • Integrate celebrity influencers to specialized content with moderated chats for greater fan engagement. We offer celebrity-moderated chat events to coincide with content and events.  Schedule a demo today.


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Hybrid Light

An amazing solar accessory company based in Utah known as Hybrid Light struck a deal with Lionsgate’s new movie “Spinning Man” to feature its...

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