A Stream of Brand Opportunities.

Efficient and available 24/7 worldwide, we bring the world of brands and content together for seamless deal making and opportunities for ideal brand placement.


Brandingo ™ is the world’s first API software that integrates into company apps to deliver direct access to audiences and fans. Whether that is the Superbowl or the latest movie on Netflix, we can bring brands access they have dreamed about but never seen happen.

Live or Recorded.

Live and recorded content works with our app and platform.

Streamlined Metrics.

Track sales and interactions anywhere in world, real-time.

Actionable Intel.

Marketing intel that helps shift the focus from guessing to verified data.

Solutions are the key to creating a successfully executed production.

One of the biggest overlooked opportunities to fund projects is through brand equity. However, brands want to know if their placements actually work. Otherwise, what is the point, right?

Our proprietary app technology will silently bring ads to the user’s phone without any interruption to their content. How do we do this? Using an embedded code that is silent to the human ear, the ad is placed on the user’s phone without them doing anything. After they complete watching the show, they can see a stream of opportunities that will take them direct to purchase without the hassle of searching the internet for that item. For the brands, we track all of the ROI information in real time so you can now KNOW it worked. No more guesses, no more games.

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Brandwood Marketplace

Brandwood Marketplace breaks the barriers for independent content producers to find brands looking for targeted content. Since our deals are 90% brand equity opportunities, the producers have a world of brands willing to pay for placements.

Available 24/7.

Bringing the world of brands and content together seamlessly.

Ensuring ROI.

Get the ROI you're looking for in real time (see Brandingo) .

Targeted content.

Break the barriers for independent content producers to find brands.

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What's This About?

Get exposure and ROI!

Unlike Hollywood’s traditional placement methods of just giving you free product and no cash, we take it one step further by ensuring brands get the ROI they are looking for in real time from the exposure (see Brandingo) while giving independent content creators cash to make their projects.

Our job at Brandwood Global is to ensure compliance from a legal and financial perspective by handling the contracts, agreements between parties on what is required for the deal to close and then escrowing the funds. We work with banks that will cashflow the funds into your projects as long as you are able to show other equity from pre-sales, investors, and tax credits.

Streamlined and available 24/7, worldwide – we bring the world of brands and content together for seamless deal making.


Who is Brandwood Global?

Being studio insiders and industry veterans, we bring revenue to marketing dollars for brands by giving them the true return on investment based on direct sales from audience viewing of the content. This is a win for content creators and distributors because we allow them to profit share from sales.

Our Team

We have decades of experience from all aspects of entertainment.

Brandwood Global, Inc. is a California corporation founded in 2014. Its mission has been to create innovative software to solve difficult and out-dated process in the fields of Media and Entertainment Business. Co-founded by Stephanie Weier and Larry Weier, both industry studio veterans with over 40 years experience doing branding, product placement, and rights permissions. Our philosophy is that vision, imagination and creative thinking will unlock the doors to innovation every time.

Todd Bulgarino


Todd Bulgarino co-founded Solutions Management Group in 1996 and later founded techoptions…

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Stephanie Weier

Co-Founder / CEO

Brandwood Global CEO and founder Stephanie Weier is an entrepreneur, filmmaker, and…

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Ray McKenzie - COO - Brandwood Global
Ray McKenzie

COO / Advisor

Raymond (Ray) McKenzie is the COO of Brandwood Global Inc. With more…

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