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Rev Up Your Dealership with Entertainment Marketing Deals on Demand

Have you thought about aligning your dealership with popular entertainment productions, programs or personalities? Perhaps you have seen large competitors or auto brands do well with this marketing strategy, but dealing with Hollywood seems too difficult, expensive or confusing.

Brandwood Global® delivers Hollywood deals on demand, anywhere in the world
Brandwood Global is an online marketplace that matches brands to entertainment exposure opportunities with films, digital content, video games and celebrities. Operating at the intersection of entertainment, advertising and technology, we match, value, negotiate terms and monitor successful completion of branded entertainment deals. Brandwood Global takes all of the pain and guesswork out of entertainment marketing deals, making them accessible to dealerships and advertisers of all sizes.

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According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, 62% of advertisers are moving to “soft advertising”, which includes brand integration in content and celebrity or influencer marketing.

Expose your Dealership to Your Target Audience in Productions
Nearly every genre of entertainment needs cars for productions. Producers and transportation coordinators are eager to work with dealers and manufacturers to feature brands in exchange for production funds or to save money in their production budgets.

When you loan or gift a new, used, historic, custom or classic car to be shown in a feature film, short film, television program or digital content segment, or for a live event, you put your dealership name in front of your target audience on a local, regional, national or even global basis.

Popular content takes on a life of its own, and can be viewed on multiple platforms and devices for many years to come, providing an endless stream of promotion for your dealership.

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Consumers are skipping, blocking, or throwing out traditional ads, but multiple studies show that entertainment marketing boosts brand recall, awareness, favorability, and intention to buy.

Imagine What’s Possible
Brandwood Global helps you find, negotiate and manage exposure deals with a wide variety of productions. Your dealership benefits from exposure opportunities you negotiate:

  • Logo, signage, commercial, branded sticker, promotional item or key chain from dealership featured in production
  • Dealership advertisement in DVD packaging
  • Branded presence and link on film website
  • Social media shout out by the production
  • Product photos with actors
  • Leverage product shots on set for your media campaigns
  • Thank you and/or logo in end credits
  • Mention of the dealership in dialog
  • Film on location at your dealership
  • On set exposure to cast and crew
  • Celebrity uses the car during the shoot and does a social media shout out
  • VIP visit to set for your best customers, employees, and partners
  • Set of DVDs to give out as test drive or service incentives
  • Dealership signage on set, at premiers, events and festivals
  • VIP test drive program for the cast and crew
  • Live mentions at premiere, events and festivals
  • Provide transportation services for the premiere, events or festivals

Live Celebrity Experiences for Your Customers
Don’t rely on manufacturers solely for brand exposure. Prove to your manufacturers that you are driving sales. Bring valuable leads to your dealership by working with Brandwood Global to hire an athlete, actor or musician to make a personal appearance. We’ll help you find a local, regional or national star to fit your budget.

  • Boost your sales – add affordable, high impact, and timely celebrity experiences to amplify your planned promotions
  • Increase your reach – people will come from miles around to connect with a celebrity
  • Boost your reputation – connecting your customers and prospects by aligning your dealership with a favorite hero
  • Differentiate your dealership – celebrity appearances and endorsements help you appear like a leader and visionary in your market

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What can a celebrity do for your dealership?
Celebrities are open to working with businesses like yours in a variety of creative ways that can attract new prospects and nurture existing customers:

  • Meet and Greet
  • Autograph Signing
  • Performance
  • Social media shout out
  • Promote making a service appointment to make a celebrity
  • Promote taking a test drive to meet a celebrity
  • Run a social media contest to meet celebrity
  • Display pictures in the dealership of celebrities who have appeared
  • Hire a celebrity to appear at your trade show and set yourself apart from all of the other exhibitors
  • Hire a celebrity to appear in your commercials on TV, radio, video and social media

Brandwood Global Opens Doors for Your Dealership
We help you manage all of the end to end details of the agreements with celebrities and productions, including negotiating favorable and fair terms, while monitoring the activities to ensure the other party honors the agreement.

  • Proof of insurance
  • Delivery
  • Timing
  • Duration
  • Location
  • Proof of Placement
  • Success Measurement

Are you ready to roll out the red carpet for your customers?
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