Hollywood Deals in Days, Not Months

Launched in 2014, Brandwood Global® has become the premier branded entertainment marketing deal marketplace. We help brands, celebrities and content creators match, manage and measure the success of their deals in film, new media, video games and endorsements.


As we roll out the red carpet to many new participants in the entertainment deal making scene, we are breaking down the barriers to access and success that have only been accessible to the most elite players in Hollywood.

We’d love to help you get to know our company, and to serve as a trusted resource from a unique position at the intersection of advertising, entertainment and technology.

Should you have any questions or requests, please email us at: Media@BrandwoodOnline.com


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We Stand For

  • Integration
  • Inspiration
  • Influence
  • Integrity
  • Inclusion


The first cross-media, global marketplace for on demand deal making and management. We put our 80+ years of Hollywood deal making experience and access to work for you, online or on your smartphone.

Energize Your Brand – Capture heart and mind of your target audience, extend your reach, get into the content

Take It Easy – We take care of all the hard stuff – we find deals, negotiate fairly with partners, handling agreements, and we guarantee completion or your money back.

Boost Efficiency – Match instantly with real opportunities, close deals quickly, high impact, fits any budget, experiment freely – Affordable product placements start at $99

Get Expert Guidance – Avoid deal stoppers,80 years of branded entertainment industry experience

Extend the Value – Tell a scalable story – negotiate creative ways to leverage your exposure in campaigns and promotions, network with the savviest marketers and entertainers.

Enjoy Yourself – Work with fun creators, celebrities and a smart, supportive team at Brandwood Global.

Agency and Agent Friendly – get more entertainment marketing deal leads for your clients, close faster, let us handle the paperwork for you