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5 Hot Brand Categories for Product Placement Deals

Hollywood is known for big budget movies, A-list stars, and of course product placement deals. So how do brands that don’t have the budgets of Coca Cola, Visa or Cisco break into the Hollywood scene?

Surprisingly, getting a foot in the door is much easier than you may think. Indie film producers, athletes, and digital content studios are constantly looking for ways to keep their project on budget, and to make a little profit.

Curious if your brand is needed for product placement deals in Hollywood?

Well here is a breakdown of Brandwood Global’s hottest categories for product placement.

1. Alcohol

Kicking off the list is the current most popular need. Yes, the most popular requests we get from productions include wine, beer, and liquor. We get asked to provide alcohol product placement deals everywhere from games, films, and television shows, and even with celebrity and athlete endorsements. It is no surprise that alcohol is number one on our list.

2. Apparel and Accessories

Second on our list of most sought after products for creative content are accessories and apparel. Men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, footwear, and accessories are very popular items needed when filming. Brands such as sunglasses, watches, jewelry, belts, handbags and other accessories are also very popular with celebrity endorsement deals. So what if you’re not Levi’s or Dockers? Well no problem! Companies of all sizes and budgets are welcome and needed.

3. Electronics

The third most popular category for product needed is electronics, including cell phones, tablets, Bluetooth gadgets, laptops, televisions, and many more items are always being requested by multiple productions.

4. Food and Beverage

Movies, short films and digital productions are always looking for convenient packaged foods, bottled water, organic juices, coffee, energy drinks, and many more types of food and beverage! Whether they appear prominently in the production, or just get exposure to the cast and crew through craft services, you will benefit from getting your food or beverage brand in front of influencers.

5. Home Goods

Dressing a set is expensive! Set designers are always looking to showcase the latest and greatest products, and would love to stretch their budgets by working with brands. Popular requests include furniture, appliances, artwork, cleaning supplies, home goods, kitchen gadgets, bedding, curtains and blinds, windows, pavers and more.

So how can your brand join in on the action?

Brandwood Global ® makes it easy and cost effective for brands of all sizes to sign up, and find their perfect match. In fact, we love helping little brands breakthrough all of the red tape of Hollywood dealmaking to get their brands discovered!

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